About this website

Welcome to Positive Life Happiness !

The purpose of this website is your Happiness and Peacefulness. With that in mind, I am sharing with you some inspiring, uplifting, and motivating thoughts in a variety of topics. Also some Life Pointers. Lessons Learned. Ideas about Meditation and Self-Enquiry. Wisdom from Wise Ones who abided in unperturbed peace.

If you want to know or learn how to lead a positive, fulfilling life that leads to lasting happiness and peace of mind, you have come to the right place.

It’s all in the Mind. Mind can be the enemy or the friend. It’s up to us to make it our friend and use it to our benefit and welfare. 

We can never learn too much, especially when it comes to Self Improvement. What do we got to lose by knowing what may be helpful, at least at some point of time, if not now!

I just would like to say to you what I say to myself all the time : “Wake up! Cheer Up! Stay Positive!”


Vasu (Vasundhara)

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