About Vasundhara

About Vasundhara



                         Peace and Tranquillity

Vasu (Vasundhara) is a software engineer, writer and singer who is deeply interested in lasting happiness and peace. She loves creativity and versatility. She has designed and developed her 8 websites, in the areas of Positive Life, Self-Improvement, Meditation, Timeless Teachings of Sages, Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes and Music. She has corresponding Social sites.

Vasu likes to do anything well, to do the best she can, giving it a 100% effort, without worrying about the results over which she has no control. She has a well-rounded personality and has a wide variety of interests.

She is an independent thinker. While listening to others and see if there is anything to learn from them, she has unshakeable confidence in herself and makes up her own mind. While using her talents as much as she can, she admires and wonders at the talents of others. She loves and has a great sense of humor and warms up to people.

Most of all, she cherishes inner peace and diligently follows methods that lead to lasting happiness and peace and welfare of all. When she is not doing this, she tries to do service to people through her websites, videos and music.

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